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Marketing that works for business

Looking for ways to promote your business?

Combining a well-planned marketing strategy - creative design for logo, branding & web with compelling content.

Start with the basics

While every project is unique and having different exact requirements, all projects share common systems and require the same attention to detail to ensure best practices. Taking the time to coordinate your marketing efforts will not only save you time and money but also deliver better results.

Brand Development - logo design
Printed Collateral - Business cards / Letterhead / Envelopes / Leave-behind marketing materials
Online Marketing - Websites / Advertising / Social Media.

The following gives an overview of the important stages in the web design process.
The specifics will vary as established businesses will concider existing promotional material and the current return on investment, startups will be more focused on establishing a brand and using it consistently.

  • Planning

    A Statement of Intent is generated from initial scoping and brainstorming.
    Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do and from this session there should be a good understanding of goals, measurements and the next steps.

  • Specification

    A Specification is drawn up, detailing work that is to be undertaken, roles, timelines, budget etc.

  • Development

    The generation of prototypes, content, systems and, ultimately, the web site.

  • Deployment

    The site is tested and hosted online, user training is completed and the project is brought to a close.

looking for someone to manage this for you?

If you are looking for someone to manage this for you or just need a hand with part of your online marketing get intouch for an obligation free consultation.

Blueflowers Webdesign deliver a return on your investment that you can measure.
We work with you, whether you are starting a company, reviewing your current brand or looking to re-brand. We provide creative design for web & print to present your brand image consistently throughout all of your promotional material.
Our web and online services include: Search Engine Optimisation, Website Promotion, Website Statistics, Internet and Email Marketing.

Marketing that works for business 
Combining a well-planned marketing strategy - creative design for logo, branding & web with compelling content.

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Step 1

If you have an established website or you have just started out use the guide to the left to ensure you on the right path.

Step 2

List your business for free in the Havelock Business Directory.

Links are useful by creating additional paths to your website, search engines concider these links as part of how they list your site and can find you easier which is particularly important for website startups.

Step 3

Review and adjust

Check how your visitors are finding your website, review what is working and what is not, adjust your content and promotions to focus on the customers you are targeting.