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Forest Trails Day Excursion

Experience the serenity and beauty of Pelorus Sound, enjoy nature, stretch your legs, check out a remote off-grid luxury lodge, and savour local food.

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Our day excursions are an ideal way to experience the untouched beauty of Pelorus Sound in the breathtaking Marlborough Sounds, and are a perfect outing for corporate team-building events, pre- and post-Christmas socials, or for friends and families wanting to enjoy a special day.

The Day Excursion is available for pre-booked groups between 8 and 20 people summer 2021/2022 Dates to come.

At Homewood, 8km of forest trails and 6km of shore walks await you, to explore, walk, hike, mountain bike or run. A cold lunch buffet is served at the Lodge, featuring locally-sourced food.

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The cost for this unique experience is $65 per person, including lunch buffet.

Bookings are required at least 2 weeks in advance. READ MORE

To make a booking, email: